These are Best Medical Colleges of China for Pakistani Students

These are Best Medical Colleges of China for Pakistani Students

After engineering, medical sciences is the filed which attracts the majority of young students. Some students opt for this academic field assuming that it’s a rewarding field, some choose medical sciences on the basis of their academic background and the list goes on. This fact is pretty much understood that the higher education sector of Pakistan has gone through many changes. Its current status sounds satisfactory for the young generation seeking for quality higher education.

Talking specifically about medical sciences, there are a number of quality medical colleges in Pakistan. Few of them are public while rest of them are private institutes. The number of seats is limited for the public sector medical colleges and universities. The private medical institutes are there but not every student can bear their expenditures. Therefore, interested candidates have to narrow down their preferences.

MBBS from a reputable Chinese medical university is one option available for those candidates who are unable to join Pakistani medical institutes for some reasons. China is considered as one of the best country for medical sciences studies. The fee structure and the updated curriculum are some of the benefits interested candidates will be able to enjoy. Not all medical universities of china are suitable for Pakistani students as only selected universities are English medium. In this article, we’ll be covering the best Chinese medical universities for the Pakistani students.

1: Fudan University

Fudan University was one of the first university of china which offered academic programs to international students.

The university gives the same attention to foreign students as the local students and offers the best in class facilities to its student body.

Summer program:

Just like the majority of Pakistani universities. Fudan University offers summer programs for its all students. Such programs are extremely helpful for international students.

Fee: approx. 75000 rmb annually


2: Sichuan Medical University

Sichuan is the second best Chinese medical university for international students.

Located in Chengdu, the department of medical sciences is one reputable department of the university.

The university has produced many renowned scholars and is considered one of the prestigious academic institution of china.

Fee: approx. 4500 rmb


3: Anhui Medical University

Anhui medical university has been admitting international students for more than two decades.

The university has 4 in-house hospitals for its students to practice and is also recognized by world health organization WHO and CMS.

Fee: approx. 25000 rmb


4: Capital medical university

Capital medical university lies somewhere in the middle of the race of the best Chinese medical institutions.

The university has 10 medical and 14 affiliated hospitals. The student body is pretty dense too. The faculty and the provided facilities all re up to the mark at CMU.

Fee: approx. 38000 rmb annually


5: Jiangsu University

Jiangsu is one another old and prestigious institution of china.

The university offers academic programs to international students also and the medium of instruction is English.

The university hostel facilities are also top notch.

Fee: approx. 26500 rmb annually


6: China medical university

China medical university was one of the first medical university of china.

The medium of instruction is English and the provided facilities are ideal for any international student. The curriculum taught is also up to date is comfortable to adjust in for any international student.

Transfer facility:

China medical university also allows the medical students studying in any other Chinese medical university to transfer to their university.

Fee: approx. 35000 rmb annually


7: Zhejiang University

One renowned medical school of china, Zhejiang is an ideal institute for anyone looking for a well reputed medical school in china.

Best in class faculty members and an excellent campus are some positives of this university.

Fee: approx. 43000 rmb annually Website:

Note: fee is mentioned in Chinese currency and is annual yearly fee not the fee of whole degree.