Iconic Mosque Wazir Khan Lahore of Mughul Era

Iconic Mosque Wazir Khan Lahore of Mughul Era

There are so many beautiful pieces in life and on the earth surface. The entire universe is rift with exciting and beautiful designs that are both man made and nature made. One of such sites of great interest as attraction in Pakistan is the Masjid Wazir Kan mosque located in Lahore and built by Nawab Wazir Khan, the then Governor of Lahore. The Wazir Khan is a delight to behold and experienced a large number of tourists who throng this rich cultural edifice earning it the nickname, ‘Paris of the East’. The Wazir Khan houses a mosque, shops and is s great tourism site.

About Wazir Khan

The Wazir Khan, as you approach is a conspicuous and magnificent structure in the whole of Pakistan that has generated so much tourism opportunities for Pakistan with visitors from other Asian countries and beyond.

Mosque Wazir Khan Masjid LahoreI must say for a structure built over 350 years ago, it is astonishing and exhilarating. And to think that this exquisitely planned and well-designed structure was not built today when technology is in its advanced stage but as at 3 centuries ago says a lot as to what brilliancy and architectural masterpiece must have resulted in this awed edifice.

The Masjid Wazir Khan Lahore was built in the year 1634 and took another seven years to become a reality.  To imagine that this ancient building still stands over 375 years from when it was first constructed is still a wonder let alone still having its ornamental faience tiles, looking strong, safe and visited by many. Located at the Lahore in Pakistan, it is an intimidating edifice that is easily noticeable from any part of the city as you approach it. The Wazir Khan is sited inside the old walled city of Lahore of the Punjab province of Pakistan and better accessed through the Delhi Gate.

How Wazir Khan came into existence

Masjid Wazir Kahn Lahore Interior
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The Wazir Khan as it is popularly called is named after Wazir (meaning Minister in Urdu). Wazir Khan was the appointed court physician to the Emperor Shah Jehan and the Governor of Lahore. Wazir Khan is actually known as Shaikh Ilm-ud-din Ansari from Chiniot. He, being the Chief Physician of the Moghul Court made purchases and did the commissioning of the Wazir Khan built and named after Governor Nawab Wazir Khan of Lahore. The edifice is bounded by the Delhi Gate from the East and the Lahore Forte from the West.

Structural details of the Wazir Khan

The Wazir Khan was constructed using some of the best architectural features ever in Lahore with each of the four corners been constructed using Minarets, beautiful ornaments and stylish faience referred to as the Kashi kari. The entire body was constructed using cut and dressed brick decorated with glazed tiles mosaic, kankad lime. The entire structure is designed in the Indo-Islamic/ Mughal architectural style.

The Wazir Khan is a rectangular shaped building with the four corners by the side and 22 shops as part of the design, located at both sides of the entrance into the hall as well as to the Wazir Khan Square from the eastern wing. On the east lay the Wazir Khan square, a viable business area even till date. This is access when you go through the two corner bazaar where the shops are located bringing you directly into a beehive of commercial activity.The shops are meant to help raise funds for the maintenance of the wonderful edifice since it is a place for prayers.

Masjid Wazir Khan Art Work
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The Wazir Khan has several access routes though the Delhi Gate is the fastest access. The structure directly overlooks Badshahi mosque from one angle, minaret Pakistan from another angle and Iqbal park from the other.

Lahore as a city is one of the most historic sites in Pakistan, with some of the richest of the Pakistani cultural heritage in this walled city. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage site and a splendid display of opulence; a rich cultural pride of the ages in Lahore, Pakistan.