Markhor Shoes: Story Of Renowned Pakistani Shoes Brand

Markhor Shoes: Story Of Renowned Pakistani Shoes Brand

Thomas Carlyle once said,

“A man cannot make a pair of shoes rightly unless he do in a devout manner.” Shoes are something which makes or breaks a man as far as his image/ career/ profession/ personality is concerned. Shoes are the best accessory any woman or man can have in his/ her wardrobe. Having a good pair of shoes and wearing them indicates that you have a good sense of style and also that you follow a certain style statement. While shoes make you look either stylish or out of fashion, one factor which should not be ignored while buying a pair of shoes is that they should not pose a threat to your overall health. We may not realize it but buying the wrong shoes can affect our personal well-being, physical/ mental state, body and health.

Markhor Shoes and the Beginning:

The story and launch of Markhor shoes began with a boy in his 20’s, Waqas, and a man in his 50’s, Hussain. One was a student and the other was a handicrafts man. Waqas compelled and persuaded Hussain to expand his shoes making business by selling his shoes on the internet; the idea was alien to Hussain, however, he gave in and thus, started the journey of Markhor shoes. After rejection from vendors, customers and potential partners, Waqas brought Sidra on board who was an acquaintance and wanted to make a name in the world of entrepreneurship. The duo began from there and learnt and earned their way up the marketing ladder. They launched their website with the name, “Hometown” and within five days, had their first customer from France. The best part about buying Markhor shoes was/ is that you are not only buying leather shoes from a distant part of the world but you are buying a pair of shoes with a story behind them.

The enterprise had begun in 2010 but it reached a stable position in 2012, when Google and Punjab Government Innovation Policy featured the brand with other small businesses which had made an impact through technology. Hussain passed away in 2012 due to an illness but his son, Junaid stepped in and thus, the company got back its lead craftsman and it was renamed, Markhor.

Markhor Products:

In its Leather products, Markhor offers four different kinds of shoes with prices ranging from 100-300 dollars and the details are as follows:

  • Cynosure Wingtips:
Markhor Shoes Cynosure WingTip
source: Markhor Shoes

Wingtips are also known as Brogue shoes. It is a type of Scottish shoe with a low-heel and and multiple pieces; leather upper with visible perforations. These can be worn on both formal and informal occasions as dress shoes, sneakers, or high heeled women shoes. The price range for Markhor wingtips is 250$.

  • Solemn Derbies:

Markhor Shoes Solemn Derby

A derby shoe is an English shoe with quarters and shoelaces’ eyelets sewn at the top and the style is also known as open lacing. Another name for derby shoes is bucks and can be worn on formal occasions. The price range for Markhor derbies is 230$.

  • Loafers and Slip-ons:

MArkhor Shoes MArk Loafer

Loafers are also known as slip-ons or moccasins and are characterized by a flat heel and no laces and the feet can easily be slipped in. They are most famous for informal occasions and can be worn with informal clothing. The price range for Markhor loafers is 200$.

  • Peshawari Chappals:

It is traditional Pakistani footwear and is synonymous to slippers/ flip-flops. It is made out of soft leather which is tied/ sewn onto a hard sole. It is semi-closed footwear with two wide stripes closing each other and has a buckle to tie at the back. It is available in various colors and designs. The price range for Markhor Peshawari chappal is 120-170$.

Other Products:

In addition to shoes, Markhor also manufactures and delivers items in different colors and materials such as:

  • MacBook Sleeve
  • iMac Desk Pad
  • MacBook Foldable Pad
  • Mouse Pad XL

Markhor and its Online Services:

Not only are Markhor shoes available physically, there are a number of online services available with the brand which the loyal customers can make use of:

  • Online Store/ Online Shopping:

The trend of online shopping and online stores has been quite popular with the passage of time. For buying Markhor shoes online, you can visit the website and shop as much as you want!

  • Newsletter:

It is a relatively new trend and has not been popular yet. Despite the fact that Markhor shoes, the brand, is in its infancy, it is amazing that it has launched a newsletter with latest updates and promotions. You can subscribe to the newsletter by visit the website and registering your email address.

  • Delivery Worldwide:

Markhor shoes offers global shipping; it means that unlike other local brands which only offer shipping of online purchase within the country, Markhor offers you the service of buying shoes online and getting them delivered from any corner of the world. Markhor has made online shopping very easy literally and the delivery is done through the renowned and trusted shipping company, FedEx. Additional delivery charges are included depending on the place or origin of order/ purchase.

  • Return Policy:

As soon as an order is placed, a confirmation email is dispatched to the customer and carries tracking information and the delivery time for online purchases is 3-7 days.

The best service given by Markhor shoes is its 100 days return policy and some of its rules are as follows:

  1. Return products must be unworn, undamaged, and must include original Markhor packaging.
  2. This return policy does not apply to gift e-cards.
  3. We offer free returns in US and Pakistan (reimbursement of shipping charges up to $15).
  4. To return your pair, please write to us at and we’ll take care from there.
  • Size Chart:

In their online web-store, a shoe sizing chart is available which helps you determine the length of your feet and the size which fits your feet accordingly. The chart has sizes in US/ Pak/ UK sizes as well as these sizes correspondingly in inches and centimeters.

  • Contact Information:

Markhor shoes, the brand, can be contacted via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The email address for information and queries is and the website is

Why should You Buy Markhor Shoes?

Having branded shoes ensuring supreme quality can work wonders for your feet and Markhor shoes are an example of that. One’s general health and shoes are directly linked to each other and Markhor shoes ensure that the relationship is not disturbed or remains unaffected. The motto of Markhor shoes is that you wear the shoes which fit you the best and Markhor shoes provide a variety of quality footwear in an abundance of style and color so that your purchase and money is not compromised. Additionally, wearing Markhor shoes helps you maintain a proper foot health which renders improved body movements; the back, hips, ankles and feet are not pressurized and hence, one does not feel discomfort and pain. One feels extremely confident if one wears shoes which are comfortable enough.