J. (Junaid Jamshed) 10 Best Fragrances for Your 2017 Perfume Collection With Reasonable Prices

J. (Junaid Jamshed) 10 Best Fragrances for Your 2017  Perfume Collection With Reasonable Prices

From pop singing to dramatic transformation and heart-touching naats, from being an extraordinary figure in the fashion world to an emerging solidified personality in makeup area, Junaid Jamshed has set himself as a revolutionary example and a roadmap to follow for the young Pakistani businesspersons.
His business kept growing and even after his sad demise, the brand name continuous to get more and stronger with their quality offerings and well-thought products.
Junaid Jamshed had his name on the top with his unique clothing fashion designs, after the launch of his signature perfume; he further became the topic of the town.
The unique notes and amazing ingredients make a statement, and you are guaranteed to get compliments.
Here are some of the finest pieces from J that are guaranteed to make you smell like walking Paris:


Grace is a very extraordinary perfume. It has a very decent and elegant scent. Being made exclusively for women, Grace never fails to impress those around you and even after numerous uses, it still feels new and fresh. It comes for a reasonable price as well. Grace also has a very smart bottle and so, it will look very smart in your room.

Price: PKR 2,685.00


The breezewill make the heads of everyone in the room turn. It will surely drop open the jaws around you! Breeze is made from the combination of very rare yet impressive products. Its top is made from I Italian Winter Lemon, Mandarin, and Shiso. On the other hand, the middle is made from Turkish Rose, Ylang heart, Orange Blossom. However, to end the perfect product, Crystal Musk, Ambrette seeds, Cedar Wood, Tonka bean have been used. These combine to give a very fresh and floral feel and smell.

Price: PKR 2,385.00


Just as the name suggests, this fragrance is associated with flowers. It gives the perfect earthy and summery smell. This perfume will keep you fresh and lively for long hours. The blend of unique flowers combines to make it a perfect masterpiece. Flora comes for quite a low price. That is another plus point. However, this perfume is free of flaws.

Price: PKR 2,585.00


Khulood is another classic and an obsession with many people. Many products have been put together to make this competitive perfume happen, and definitely, the team did a brilliant job.
It is perfect for all sorts of occasions. Khulood lasts for a long time on your skin, so you will particularly love it when you are travelling.
It not only has the floral smell but also has a fruity touch to it.

Price: PKR 2,985.00


Azbah itself is an Arabic word, and it means ‘’fresh’’. The perfume is something like that as well. It gives anaquatic feel too. It has a touch of lily, citrus and lotus. Azbah will serve you with a very lively and fresh scent. You will love it!

Price: PKR 1,485.00


This perfume is next level! It has been made for men, but this perfume is absolute world class. It is the favorite of many. Zarar has a very fresh and innovative smell. It comes for a low price too. Zarar has a smart bottle as well.

Price: PKR 2,185.00


This perfume has a beautiful color. It will surely catch your eyes. Tabeenis made from great products that are not only beautiful but when to put together, they conclude in something quite breathtaking. Tabeen is one of those products. However, even if it has a lot of plus points, it still comes for a reasonable price.

Price: PKR 1,485.00


Treasure is one of its kind. It is a gem of perfume. Treasure has a very creative odour. It has a smart bottle as well. Treasure is a feminine scent and will surely win the hearts of many around you. It comes for a low price as well.

Price: PKR 2,185.00


Amber Light is another unusual scent by J. It has an amazing odor and will leave you in awe. Amber light was put together to satisfy all those who use it and has not failed to do so. It has a fruity and floral touch. This is perfect for the youth!

Price: PKR 2,185.00


This one is special, and that is obvious from the name. J. Exclusive has won its place in the hearts of many customers due to its elegant yet innovative and new scent. It is an extremely well product and has been gaining ground recently. J dot (J.) comes for a low price as well.

Price: PKR 1,985.00

You can buy all these perfumes online at J official website.