11 Best IELTS Institutes in Islamabad

11 Best IELTS Institutes in Islamabad

When it comes to the as old as time pursuing of knowledge, nothing can stop you—not your age, not your appearance or the background you have. Collecting knowledge is a basic human instinct that can’t be fought, either you choose to collect the wonders of the world or you just don’t.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a test taken by many every year for immigration, work or any form of study. It’s a professional high stakes proficiency test that was taken by two million people the past year. As time passes, people are leaning towards IELTS for help in the legalities related to their profession and career. People assume right when they think you need a good grip at English to excel in this exam.

When it comes to Pakistan, you have to do more than an average citizen of an advanced powerful country to pursue these kinds of ventures; you need to self-study in home with the help of large and heavy books all alone. You hardly have any guide that can point you in the right direction. So suffice to say it’s a hard task, self-studying for such a complexity that IELTS can be.

In the exam you have several points for different categories—listening, speaking, reading or any questions related to general knowledge, they’ll ask you about your reasons and aims, you need to be prepared to answer everything with impeccable self-control and a very composed posture. No stammering, stalling or begging your pardon. They need to test you for your eligibility, potential and value.

There are several of coaching in Karachi for IELTs.

So that being said, how are you to practice for this exam without any help? You can’t, well, not in most cases. There are institutes now, all over Pakistan that are helping out these IELTS students and easing their path by a tenfold. Islamabad might not be called a hub for these institutes but if we categorize it by saying “The Most Helpful Institutes” that guarantees good results? Some of these located in Islamabad are your one-stop solution. For students living in Islamabad—this list can be a blessing.

1. Emerging Visions

When it comes to explaining the different aspects of every subject and its many complexities, you need to have a variety of teachers that excel in many quotas. Emerging visions offer their students a clean state to start on and begin with. All the basics and theories will be listed down first off so a person can have a clearer view of what’s to come. After that your own bright mind and potential can lead you towards a pedestal where you have absolutely nothing to worry about, hard work is obviously the key to success.

Phone: (051) 2850068

Address: Al-Babar Centre, Office 6, 1st Floor, ICT, Johar Rd, Islamabad

Web: http://emergingvisions.co.uk/

Fee:16k to 25k

2. ABN Overseas Education

ABN Overseas Education is a platform that comes as a blessing to students who want to pursue professions and careers out of their home country and make sure their eligibility is up to the task of being appointed for many jobs. That being said, students of all ages can enroll themselves in this institute to contribute to their dreams and make sure they are fully prepared for what’s ahead. ABN Education has a good reputation as well; you can contact them by searching their name online. The numbers will pop up and you can have a conversation with their manager to know about the formal procedures.

Phone:0321 2870008

Address: 2nd Floor, Redco Plaza, Block 78-E,، Main Jinnah Avenue، Islamabad 44000

Web: http://abneducation.com/home/

Fee:15k to 30k

3. 5 Star Institute

A homely, affordable institute that focuses solely on the teachings they have vowed to provide, their teachers are experienced professionals who treat every student individually with the exact share of attention they need. These impeccable masters and headmistresses are educated enough to know which students stands on which ground. Based on those observations—every single person present in the class will be treated on what they’re having difficulties with. The black board in this case is not your only helper; your teacher is your beneficial guidance. Who’ll help you through the thick and thin that comes with a life of an IELTS student.

Phone: 0344 5000120

Address: G-10 MARKAZ Islamabad, Pakistan 44000

Web: https://5starinstituteislamabad.blogspot.com/

Fee: 14k to 22k

4. Islamabad Institute of Excellence

Hence their name, this institute’s excellence is greatly spoken of, with more than five hundred people enrolled in their daily classes—Islamabad Institute of Excellence have a strong name to hold up to, they’re highly praised in various societies. For IELTS students there are separate classes they can attend to polish their skills and get trained for their upcoming exams. There are different teachings going on in the Institute that includes O-Levels, A-Levels and etc. The institute is reasonable and asks for the payment that’s their right. Their diligent teachers and great teaching system makes their institute one of the best in Pakistan’s capital.

Phone: 0333 5704766

Address: House No.1,Street No. 35,G-6/2, Islamabad, Pakistan، Islamabad 44000

Web: Facebook Page

Fee: 12k to 18k

5. Pakistan Institute of Foreign Language

Pakistan Institute of Foreign Languages help students prepare of exams that come from foreign boards and are used to pave a path for a career based out in abroad. Generally, the most famous exam sessions belong to the British Council and IELTS but this Institute plans to provide help for any person that’s pursuing any style of study. Various languages and numerous subjects, this Institute helps you prepare yourself for anything that’s standing in the way of you and your ultimate goal. Foreign based studies

Phone: (051) 2110164

Address:Capital Trade Centre, St 57, F-10 Markaz, F-10, Islamabad


Fee:14k to 17k

6. The House of Knowledge

The House of Knowledge stands up to its name by providing the exemplary studies anyone could ever wish for to pass with flying colors. Their teaching pattern is simple, like many other good institutes they target a student’s wake points and do their best to get rid of them. When it comes to IELS tests, you simply cannot go wrong—anywhere. No stammering, stuttering or stalling, this institute makes sure they follow the exam’s requirements and teach the student as vigilantly as possible. This sensational stand towards a student’s well-being makes them unequaled when it comes to institutes.

Phone: (051) 2271891

Address: 26 Mir’s Trade Center, G-6 Markaz، Islamabad

Web: http://www.hok.com.pk/

Fee:17k to 22k

7. Prime Education Consultancy Services

This institute serves it’s customer’s their money’s worth, they take your children under their wing and start on the job of refining them, a jewel’s shine may never cease to dazzle but without polishing—the remnants of the rocks it lays within are never gotten rid of. It’s the same exact case with this institute; their method for embedding the basics chart in the student’s mind is unmatched. They are also steadfast about the attendance the kid is putting in because at the end of the day—they need to give the parents a good result, something they have already guaranteed.

8. Allison’s Consulting (Pvt) Ltd

Allison’s Consulting provides great consulting as per their name, they have their name trademarked and have been over with every legality or official business so that makes them officially a tuition institute that’s helping students throughout the city. The amount of students pursuing foreign studies is increasing day by day so new institutes are installing themselves—or more like scattering themselves throughout the city so they can help as many students as humanly possible. The priority is to clear to a person—what’s expected of him during the said exam. And when it comes to IELT? You need more than just a ton of practice. So much more.

Phone: (051) 2282505

Address:  F-8 Markaz, F-8, Islamabad(it also holds several other locations)

Web: http://www.allisonsconsulting.com/

Fee:16k to 30k

9. National University of Modern Languages

This very famous and well-spoken of University of Islamabad is not just beautiful to look at. NUML is a place that’s solely dedicated to kids who want to venture into different adventures and pursue unique careers. They have an online website that caters to every question that might come into a student or parent’s mind—who are interested in the enrollment into the University. From admission information to the teacher’s they have at their institute, you’ll find the all the info you need e them. They’re very useful and thoughtful gesture to create a website that’s progressing so efficiently speaks a lot for their institute as well as their attitude towards a student’s wellbeing and future.

Phone: 92-51-9257646-50

Address:  Sector H-9, Islamabad

Web: http://www.numl.info/

Fee:14k to 22k

10. National Institute

National Institute serves Pakistanis with the opportunity to go after what they desire to and get trained accordingly to what their venture acquires. With reasonable payments, condemnable teaching methods, a vast building and a friendly kind atmosphere that only shows positivity? It’s an ideal place for a bright student. Enrolling a kid into the National Institute is one of the best options.

Phone: +92-51-4853039

Address: Office No. 4, 2nd Floor, Muree Road, Aashyana Centre, Rehmanabad, Islamabad.



11. British Council IELTS Academy

British Council IELTS Academy is a hub for O Levels and A Levels study, they try their best to make the student’s potential valid enough to sit for a Levels exam which changes it’s pattern every year and is complex if one doesn’t knows the way around the very basics of it. Complementary teachings and a disciplined system is what this institute calls its base. Their taking chunks of burden off a parent’s shoulder. The sire or mother can wholly put their trust in this institute as they try to do their best for their kids. And as for reviews, this public service installment has gained positive ones in heaps.

Phone: +92 (51) 111 425 425

Address: PO Box 1135 Islamabad

Web: https://www.britishcouncil.pk

Fee:16k to 20k

There are several other local teachers which are offering best services for preparation. Lahore also have several refine institutes for IELTS.