23 Amazing Facts About Pakistan

23 Amazing Facts About Pakistan

Pakistan is a wonderful place to visit. Officially known as the ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’, it is the sixth most populated country in the world and also ranks No. thirty-six in the largest countries in the world. Very few people known that Pakistan is an amazing country with lots of tourist attraction.

Highlighted below are 23 interesting and amazing facts about Pakistan.

1. Pakistanis are the fourth most intelligent people in the world

According to a report gathered by the Institute of European Business Administration, Pakistan stood out as fourth in a poll conducted among 125 countries.

Pakistani's Are 4th Intelligent People

2. The world’s largest man-made forest is in Pakistan

Forests In Pakistan

This is good news for environmentalists, originally a fuel source created by British forester during the 1900s, Pakistan has taken conservation of its natural resources and biodiversity at its forefront of her national policies and Changa Manga Forest has been preserved since; it stands out at 12,000 acres.

3. An average of 55% of the Pakistani Population are literate

This massive report makes Pakistan stand out amongst other developing countries. Several efforts have been made by the government of Pakistan to ensure literacy among its growing population.

4. The Highest Paved International road is in Pakistan

Highest Road Of World

At1300 kilometers, the Karakoram Highway is distinct and is a popular tourist attraction in Pakistan.

5. Pakistan has the highest irrigation system in the world

Although India, Pakistan’s neighbor I a world leader in agriculture, agriculture remains a major source of revenue for Pakistan and its irrigation system and techniques are globally-competitive. Pakistan currently has the biggest canal based irrigation system in the world.

6. Pakistan is the world’s largest producers of handmade footballs

Pakistani Football

Sialkot, an industrial city that is known as the 12th most popular city in Pakistan produces an estimate of 70% of the world’s population in footballs and exports an estimate of $2 billion dollars’ worth of footballs which accounts for 9% of Pakistan’s exports yearly.

7. Pakistan has the largest ambulance network in the world

Pakistan has been honored in the Guinness Book of records for having the largest fleet of private ambulances in the world at a record number of 1,800. Pakistan, contrary to popular beliefs, put health care at the forefront of their national policy.

8. Pakistan is the first Islamic country to acquire nuclear power

this may not be pleasant to document for some people, but it is noteworthy that Pakistan has distinguished herself in the world for having nuclear power.

9. The youngest Civil Judge in the world is Pakistani

Civil Judge In PAkistan First

Muhammad Illyas broke world records in July 1952 for being the world’s youngest judge at 20.

10. Pakistan has the largest deep sea port in the world

Pakistan’s Gwada Port currently holds record as the largest deep sea port in the world. While development was ongoing, the port was officially commissioned in 2016 by Prime Mister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif.

11. Pakistan majorly exports wheat, rice, sugarcane and cotton

These exports make up an average of 75% of her annual crop exports and a total of 21% of GDP per annum.

12. The first female Prime Minister of any Islamic Nation is from Pakistan

Benazir Bhutto became the first Prime Minister in Pakistan and in any Islamic nation in 1988, she was Western educated (Harvard and Oxford) and brought polices that helped shape Pakistan.

13. Pakistan has the second largest salt mine in the world

The salt mines are the major sources of salt in the world and the Khewara Salt Mines are the second largest in the world. It produces about half of the 350,000 tons of salt that is mined in the world.

14. Pakistan consumes more energy than it can produce

Electric City In Pakistan

Due to her switch to nuclear power, Pakistan produces an average of 80 billion kWh of electricity while it consumes an estimate of 90 billion kWh, more than enough for its population of 183 million people.

15. Pakistan has the biggest man-made dam in the world

The Tarbela Dam is the largest earth-filled dam in the world and the second largest in terms of structural design. It 485 feet in height above the river bed and provides Pakistan with a capacity of 3,478 MW of electricity which aids the nuclear sources.

16. Pakistan became autonomous in 1947

Pakistan gained independence from Britain in 1947 and adopted a parliamentary system of government in 1973.

These facts show that Pakistan is a progressive state and has the potential to become a world leader in years to come. Here are some fun facts to know about Pakistan.

17. Mango is Pakistan’s national fruit

The mango fruit is native to the Indian sphere (which Pakistan share borders with) and it is the national fruit in Pakistan, India and the Philippines.

18. Pakistan has a National Poet

Poetry is an integral part of Pakistan and Allama Muhammad Iqbal; the National Poet of Pakistan can attest to that fact.

19. The duration of the Pakistan’s National Anthem is 80 seconds

The Quanim Tarah, which is also known as Pak Sarzamin (Sacred Land) was composed by Ahmad Chagla in 1949 and adopted by the Pakistanis in 1954. It has three stanzas and is played by twenty-one different instruments.

20. Pakistan has the Highest Polo Field in the World

Shandur Top, also known as the Roof of the World, has a height of 12,200 feet. It is a major tourist attraction in Pakistan.

21. Pakistan became an Islamic State in 1991

Islamic laws became fully operational in 1991 and the Sharia law was implemented to execute judgment on erring citizens.

22. The Internet code for Pakistan is ‘pike’

Just as there is dot com in most countries, Pakistan has adopted .pk to be used on the World Wide Web.

23. Pakistan has 151 airports

This fact is an interesting development in Pakistan, 151 airports can totally cater for its population of over 180 million people.

As mentioned earlier, Pakistan is taking steps to be a global leader in the world. Although several roadblocks such as extremist policies may hinder its fact paced growth, it is clear that Pakistan in the long term is a fast rising nation.