Best universities of Pakistan: A closer Look

Best universities of Pakistan: A closer Look

We all know Pakistan is a under-developed country, our education system reflects that. Despite of this fact the higher education system at university level is bit stable, especially when we talk about private sector universities. Over the past few years Pakistani universities have improved a lot. Due to this now, we have a competition among the best universities, which is a healthy sign for our educational system. Let’s have a look which are the best universities of Pakistan for specific fields.

1: National university of management and sciences (NUST)

Nust is the one of the best educational institute of Pakistan. It’s the dream University of every College Students, especially for engineering students. Nust offers wide variety of programs for its students including sciences, medical and fine arts. Nust is assumed as the best overall university in our society.


2: Lahore University of management and sciences(LUMS)


Lums is considered as one of the prestigious institutes of Pakistan. Situated in Lahore, the university is spread in acres of land. Students from all over Pakistan apply at Lums each year to get admission. The university holds a very good record in management and business programs. A part from these, humanities and computer science programs are also offered at both bachelors and masters level.

3: FAST, National university of computer and emerging sciences (NUCES)

According to HEC rankings, Fast-NU is second best Information Technology University in the country. The university offers computer science, software engineering, business and engineering programs. The universities main campus is located in Islamabad. Other sub campuses are situated in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and chiniot, Faisalabad.

4: Pakistan institute of engineering and applied sciences, (PIEAS)

Pakistan institute of engineering and applied sciences or also known as the PIEAS is the best public sector engineering university in Pakistan. As the name suggests it’s only an engineering university so no other courses are offered such as general science courses. The university has few slots for its students therefore the merit remains sky high each year.


5: University of engineering and Technology(UET)

University of engineering and technology, UET is the oldest engineering university of Pakistan. It offers variety of engineering programs from electrical engineering to mechatronics engineering. UET is a public sector university and being the oldest engineering institutes of Pakistan it attracts a lot of students from all over the Pakistan


6: Quaid-Azam University:

Quaid-e Azam University offers degree programs in several fields up to doctorate level. The university is ranked in top 500 universities of the world. The university has no other sub campuses and its main campus is located in Islamabad.


7: Agha Khan University

Situated in Karachi, agha Khan University offers wide range of programs up to doctorate level. The university is recognized by the higher education commission {HEC}. It is one of the oldest institutes of Karachi.


8: University of health sciences

After King Engward medical university, UHS is probably the best medical institute for medical studies. The university offers wide range of medical programs. UHS is a public sector university. Each year thousands of candidates appear for Medical College admission test {MCAT} to get admission in this university. Like UET, UHS is the medical hub for medical students as it conducts the MCAT each year.


9: Institute of space and technology, Islamabad

IST is the only soul university in Pakistani university which offers quality space and technology programs such as aerospace engineering. The university holds a good track record for the field and claims to have the best faculty for such programs. Due to its uniqueness a lot of students apply for space and technology programs every year.


10: National College of arts, (NCA)

Now there are multiple reasons why this institute is the best arts institute of Pakistan. The most obvious reason is that we have very few fine arts institutes. A part from this NCA has other unique attraction too like this is the one and only public sector fine arts university of Pakistan which offers variety of arts programs at degree level. A lot of famous artist currently in showbiz have graduated from this institute. So these reasons are enough to justify the importance of this arts institute.


11: University of the Punjab(PU)

University of the Punjab also known as PU is one of the oldest educational institute of Pakistan. The university is located in Lahore and covers a vast land. It’s probably the biggest university of Pakistan considering the fact that its land is spread in acres. Punjab University offers admission in all programs in both morning and evening shift. Being a public sector university a huge number of students apply for admission in PU every year.


12: COMSATS, Institute of information and Technology

Comsats is basically an IT university, its courses at bachelors and master’s level are well known and recognized through out the Pakistan. A part from IT, the university also offers bachelors and master level courses in other fields like engineering.

COSMSATS now offers single degree program only as there dual degree program got rejected by HEC.



These are the best universities of Pakistan according to us. We’ve covered almost all the fields from medical to engineering to fine arts. The universities we have mentioned may not be the best in their specific rankings but they surely have good track record and their graduates are working in leading multinational companies.