Best Arts and Design Universities of Pakistan:

Best Arts and Design Universities of Pakistan:

Arts education, the name may sound ordinary but the education itself isn’t that ordinary.

Let’s quickly dive in to our society where the situation is always bit different no matter what the topic is. The higher education sector of our country is much stable no doubts on this. Thanks to the huge number of educational institutes especially in private sector.

Now coming to the arts education, in our society unfortunately, it is considered as third class or the least important academic field. The reasons for this mind set are many. On the other hand, there lies the minority according to whom it’s a proper academic field and they do value it. When such people opt for a particular arts field the very next thing they are looking for are the institutes. For the convenience of such people we have made a list of the best arts schools of the country. Let’s take a brief look to all of them.

1: National College of Arts:

NCA, a big name in the history of education in Pakistan. National college of arts is one prestigious and one of the oldest educational institutes of the country. NCA has given this nation number of artist who are currently working in their respective fields.

Coming to academic courses, NCA offers bachelors and masters level degree programs in all arts fields. Seasonal short courses and diplomas are also offered at NCA.


Contact: 042-99210601

2: Indus Valley School of art and architecture:

One of the most refined arts institute of Karachi, Indus valley school of arts and architecture is a well-known art school of the city.

It offers arts programs in almost all arts fields including fine arts and architecture academic courses.


Contact: 021-111-111-487

3: Beacon House National University:

Beacon house national university, the only private sector university in Lahore which competes with some of the prestigious art schools like NCA {National College of arts}.

Now, BNU is a big name in the list of arts institutes and offers almost all arts programs at bachelors and masters level.


Contact: 0423-8100156

4: Hunerkada College of visual and performing arts:

This institute got a very good feedback from the majority of art teachers and students.

At the moment, it is compared with the best Arts School in the competition.

Hunerkada offers short courses and diplomas in variety of art fields including fine arts, painting, sculpture making and photography.


Contact: 0423-5160012

5: Karachi School of Art:

Karachi art school was the first arts school in the Karachi city. Still it is considered one of the best arts institution of the city.

The institute offers short courses and diplomas in various arts programs.


Contact: 021-34984167

6: Punjab University:

The name most of us are familiar with, Punjab University covers arts field too like many other academic fields.

BFA {bachelors in fine arts} program at PU is the most common arts program.


Contact: 042-99233132

7: Government college university, Lahore:

One of the most prestigious institute of the city, GCU also offers bachelors and masters level academic programs in several arts fields including BFA and BA {hons} in mass communication.

Though it’s not the arts only institute but due to its excellent academic history, it is considered one of the best in the competition.


Contact: 042-111-000-010

8: National textile institute, Islamabad:

Despite of the fact that Islamabad is the capital city of the state, there are very few arts institute in Islamabad. National textile institute is the only quality institute in the city.

NTI offers bachelors level programs in many arts fields. It also offers short courses and diplomas in many arts programs.


Contact: 0092-51-2827821